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case studies

“Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown” Interactive Video Series

  • Client: Leica Camera
  • May 2011


  • Build anticipation around the V-Lux 30 camera launch
  • Raise awareness of the brand to a new audience
  • Use an internet celebrity that has a large and dedicated community


An Interactive Video Series featuring Danny MacAskill

Key Lessons:

The launch was a success for two reasons:

  1. It engaged and enticed viewers with an interactive video series that built anticipation for the new product launch.
  2. It leveraged the strong online following of an Internet celebrity and therefore exposed the Leica brand to a new audience, increasing the brand exposure and reach outside of its core community.

Company Background

Leica Camera is a luxury brand used by prestigious photographers around the world. In 1925, Oskar Barnack developed a small format 35 mm camera that would revolutionize photography. His passion for photography and struggle with asthma led him to create the lightweight Leica camera. Since then, Leica has developed innovative instruments that afford a unique seeing experience, and has had a profound influence on our view of the world we live in.


Leica wanted to build anticipation around the launch of their new V-Lux 30 camera. The camera makes saving and sharing simple for those who love to explore the world. Leica Camera not only wanted to illustrate this but also wanted to use an internet celebrity who had a large and dedicated community to raise awareness of the brand to a new audience. The brand chose Danny MacAskill to be the face of the interactive campaign. Danny is professional street trial bicyclist for Inspired Bicycles Ltd. His Internet fame came by chance, when his flat mate posted a video of him doing stunts on YouTube. His videos that followed were extremely popular, attracting hundreds of thousands of views within a couple of days on the site. The Scottish extreme sportsman would serve as the bridge to connect Leica Camera with a new community of adventurers plugged in to the digital world.

Leica Camera came to Sociality Squared to determine how to best leverage an upcoming video shoot of the extreme athlete in Cape Town, South Africa, and how to leverage Danny MacAskill’s online community in a cohesive, cross-platform social media campaign.


The solution was an interactive video series “Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown”. Over 10 days leading up to the V-Lux 30 camera launch, three short video clips of Danny MacAskill riding and doing stunts through Cape Town were released. At the end of each video there was a cliffhanger and viewers were asked to vote on Danny’s next move. Questions included: “Where should he go next?” “How should he jump the containers?” and “How should he jump the empty pool?” The videos were uploaded on Vimeo and officially released with the voting mechanism on The Leica Camera Blog. As an incentive to vote, one participate for each voting period won the new V-Lux 30 Camera. The series was also promoted to Leica Camera’s communities on Facebook and Twitter. Fans enjoyed seeing Cape Town through the eyes of a street trials pro rider and voting on Danny’s next move for a chance to win the new mystery Leica Camera. At the conclusion of the video series, the V-Lux 30 was announced, and three lucky participants won new Leica product. The clips that the fans voted on were incorporated into the complete video, which Leica used as their official commercial for the product.


  • Leica Camera was successful in meeting its objectives of building anticipation around the V-Lux 30 camera launch, raising awareness of the brand to a new audience, and using an internet celebrity that has a large and dedicated community
  • The corporate website traffic increased 14% compared to the previous month, peaking at 435,000 single unique visitors to the site.
  • Blog traffic increased by 24% compared to April.
  • The four Danny MacAskill video entries attracted over 38,000 views.
  • The video blog posts were shared on Facebook more than 2,400 times.
  • 4,718 people voted on Danny’s next move.
  • The Danny MacAskill video is Leica Camera’s most popular video on YouTube, with nearly 370,000 views as of September 2011.
  • The final video was selected as a “Video we like” by Vimeo and featured on the Vimeo homepage.
  • The final video was also listed on the favorites, entertainment favorites and list as number 19 on the best noted YouTube videos on May 30.

No Labels: Building Pre-Launch Momentum

  • Client: No Labels
  • December 2010


  • Build a community foundation of 25,000 Likes on Facebook
  • Get supporters excited about the official No Labels launch on December 13, 2010
  • Have the community act as a springboard to grow the movement


In collaboration with S2 Global Network partner, Socialbees, the solution was an integrated Facebook campaign employing Facebook Marketplace Ads, a custom landing tab and communication plan focused on the message “Move America Forward”.

Key Lessons:

  • Building a base of fans on a Facebook page builds credibility and legitimacy for a new movement.
  • The success of the campaign relied upon a series of message testing, a broad audience base, and a concentrated ad budget within a specific time frame, maximizing the current heated political climate.
  • Making it as easy as possible and having strong calls-to-action to encourage fans to share the page with their friends is an effective way to foster organic growth.

Organization Background

No Labels is a political non-profit, whose central message is to demand politicians to “put the labels aside and do what’s best for America”. They work to remind leaders in Congress that the label that matters the most is not Democrat or Republican, but the one we all share: American. Rather than enforce policy prescriptions, No Labels’ core objective is to change behavior and foster an environment that promotes solutions over partisanship.


In October 2010, right before the mid-term elections, politics dominated the news. Set to launch in December 2010, No Labels aimed to seize upon the highly-charged political atmosphere and build momentum leading up to their official launch. The core objective was to convert new supporters and raise awareness amongst those who were politically engaged but unsatisfied with the vast divide between the political parties. Aiming to gain thousands of new supporters before the December Launch, Facebook provided an excellent opportunity to reach a specifically targeted audience and offer an easy conversion method.


The ad campaign using Facebook Marketplace Ads launched on November 3, the day following the mid-term elections. While the No Labels movement sought to appeal to the “soccer moms” and give them a voice who didn’t identify strongly to either the left or right, the movement also wanted to appeal to those active in politics and offer an alternative to the current polarized landscape. To build a foundation for the movement, the ads focused on targeting those who were highly engaged in politics.

From those who listed “hate politics” as an interest to those who subscribed to a specific politician like “Mike Bloomberg,” the campaign targeted individuals who maintained some interest and awareness of politics. This provided a broad yet relevant audience base to target. Specifically we ran ads to two groups: those who were not yet fans of the page or friends of fans, and “good will” ads to existing fans. The ads targeted to non-fans sought to encourage viewers to “Like” the page. The “good will” ads targeting current page fans invited fans to share No Labels with their friends, family, and networks.

The landing page for these advertisements was a custom welcome page with an introductory video that allowed the user to learn more about the organization and asked them to take action by clicking “LIKE” and sharing. The messaging read “Join the _#_ voices who support moving America forward.” tapping into the bandwagon effect of joining a movement. The welcome tab was Like-gated and after a viewer clicked the “Like” button, the welcome tab had immediate actions that the fan could take that encouraged sharing, for example “Share this page with your friends” which utilized the Facebook “Share” button” and “Invite your friends to join” which featured the Friend-Invite Facebook plug-in making it as easy as possible for new fans to immediately share the page to their Wall and to their friends on Facebook.

The success of the campaign provided No Labels a solid base upon which to grow organically. The increased likes provided legitimacy to a new, growing organization and after this ad buy ended the page continued to grow reaching more than 30,000 Likes by December 13, 2010. While other ad campaigns have been run on the page, the success we found here relied upon a series of message testing, a broad audience base, and a concentrated budget within a specific time frame. The campaign not only helped grow the base, but it allowed the organization to refine its message and embrace some of the more effective language that was employed during the campaign and during the official launch that took place on December 13, 2010.

To stay top of mind and build anticipation for the No Labels launch event, a communication plan was employed on the Facebook Wall to leverage the News Feed.


Before the “No Labels: Building Pre-Launch Momentum” campaign there were less than 5,000 Likes on the page, but within two weeks, the page had reached a total of 20,399 users. Over the course of the two week campaign, more than 13,000 people connected with the No Labels Facebook Page. A majority of connections were acquired directly from the Facebook ads; however there were 2,000 additional organic “likes” spurred as a result of the expanding community.

After more than 9,000,000 impressions, the campaign garnered 17,000 clicks and 13,000 conversions. A majority engaged with the page by clicking “LIKE” in the advertisement itself; however, about 1,500 people clicked through to the welcome tab first before clicking “LIKE.” Overall, the click through rate was .183%, and the cost per click was $.19.

Strategically, the campaign employed a significant budget within a tighter timeline to spike the growth and attain maximum impact. With these concentrated efforts, the growth overall was steeper. At one point, the page was gaining 1,000 likes per day.

ClearChoice: Building Credibility One Fan at a Time

  • Client: No Labels
  • September 2010


  • Establish credibility for ClearChoice by building a large and engaged community on Facebook
  • Utilize social platforms, with a primary focus on Facebook, to serve as tools to:
    • Increase ClearChoice brand awareness
    • Extend ClearChoice’s customer service
    • Educate fans on dental implants
    • Drive traffic to website and lead generation landing sites
    • Promote ClearChoice’s seminar events and tv shows
    • Protect ClearChoice’s reputation by listening and shaping searched content using ORM software


An integration campaign utilizing Facebook Marketplace Ads, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube and ORM reporting.

Key Lessons:

  • Having a large and active fan base can prove to add credibility and provide social proof for a company.
  • Employing a strong communication plan and timely response strategy is important in extending customer service onto social platforms.
  • Incorporating emotional and comedic content into a communication plan helps build a human connection between a company and its community while populating the social web with shareable content that fans can share with their family and friends.
  • Utilizing location targeting for Facebook Wall Posts is a key tactic to keep content relevant for fans’ New Feeds.

Organization Background:

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have dental implant treatment centers located across the U.S. They offer premium dental implant care to their patients. Each center is an all-inclusive treatment facility with state of the art technology and lab services, providing the most modern tools for their implant patients’ care. ClearChoice offers only the best in facilities and dental care, with a network of licensed, experienced dental professionals owning and operating each center. Sharing clinical affiliation with so many centers provides the dental implant specialists the many opportunities for collaboration on protocols, procedures and clinical experiences. This shared knowledge and company base also allows patients to continue treatment at any affiliated center, calming any nerves about locations or quality of care.


In September 2010 when ClearChoice approached Sociality Squared the company had less than 200 fans on Facebook. The goals for 2010 carried through 2011: build credibility one fan at a time.

In addition to this, ClearChoice wanted to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to increase ClearChoice brand awareness, extend ClearChoice’s customer service, educate fans on dental implants, drive traffic to website and lead generation landing sites, promote ClearChoice’s seminar events and tv shows, and protect ClearChoice’s reputation by listening and shaping searched content using ORM software. Facebook was the hub of ClearChoice’s social strategy to increase brand equity with their current and potential customers.

As a health service provider, ClearChoice has unique challenges to overcome as a company and in their social media efforts:

  • Dental implants are a large investment for patients
  • Dental implant surgery is a relatively new procedure, so an increase in education along with brand awareness was and continues to be critical for ClearChoice
  • A cheaper alternative of dentures is widely known, even though they don’t have the health benefits as dental implants
  • ClearChoice is the leading brand for dental implants with a national network of centers however the local competitors are extremely aggressive in encroaching on ClearChoice’s brand.


Facebook Marketplace Ads were employed to help build the Facebook community. Across platforms, a communication plan was employed that shared engaging content, news about ClearChoice events and tv shows, calls-to-action for lead-generation, educational content about ClearChoice and dental implants and ClearChoice’s video content which conveyed branding and patient testimonials.

Each ClearChoice center had a Facebook Place page added in 2011. This was done for search purposes and each one was linked and optimized to redirect viewers to the corporate and main Facebook page. This resulted in the locations tab that was searchable for centers within the Facebook environment. Every location also has a Facebook Deal promoting ClearChoice’s free cat scan. This also allowed for patients to check-in at each location via their mobile devices which helps bridge on- and offline experiences and activity distribution in real-time.

ORM reporting, link tracking and lead surveys were used to gauge how leads were being driven to ChearChoice and to listen to online conversations about the brand.


As of January 2012, the ClearChoice fan base on Facebook surpassed 26,000 fans who actively like, comment and share the brand’s content. To illustrate the engagement, Facebook’s new Insights show that in January, ClearChoice saw:

9,271,962 Average daily number of people who are friends of current ClearChoice fans
82,784 Average daily reach of ClearChoice content to users on Facebook
1,146 Average daily number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in News Feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven’t. (Unique Users)

The primary reasons that people become fans of ClearChoice have been identified as:

  • To receive discounts (ClearChoice offers a free consultation)
  • To ask Customer Service questions
  • Product / service research
  • Read reviews of other customers

Facebook ads have continuously performed well in supporting ClearChoice’s Facebook fan growth. In recent months, there has been an increase organic fans; to maintain this growth, engaging content remains highly important. Mobile will be an increasingly interesting trend to watch, as ClearChoice’s YouTube videos are being watched on more and more mobile devices. ClearChoice has noted the relevance of optimizing content for both desktop and mobile experiences across social platforms as smart phone use increases.

ClearChoice will continue to use ORM reporting and monitor online conversations carefully as they continue interacting with clients, many of whom will highlight their service experience on digital forums. The company is mindful of competition as they move forward in building their online fan base customer leads for their centers across the U.S.


the S2 team

Helen Todd

Helen Todd

Helen is a social media marketer who co-founded the company in 2010 to help brands organically grow loyal and engaged communities. Having worked with over 50+ clients since 2009, a WOMMY award and Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree under her belt, she understands how powerful the social web can be for brands. As a leading Facebook marketing expert, Helen has been a 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards judge and spoken at business school classes and industry events including Social Media Week and BlogWord across the U.S.

Biana Bakman

Biana Bakman

Before helping found Sociality Squared, Biana Bakman worked at the Kbuzz (currently Likeable Media) as the Director of Buzz Builders. Biana has worked in marketing for a variety of companies in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Currently, Biana works as the Social Media Marketing Manager for Sociality Squared client Leica Camera AG and contributes to the company blog. She also serves on the board of Ann Thomas Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Biana received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University.

Mari Smith

Mari Smith

Mari started working with Sociality Squared in February of 2011. While social media is her work world, she is also a certified chef. You can check out some of her food creations on her blog. Though she wouldn't consider herself a "fitness kind of person," she teaches Zumba, and loves every minute of it. As Mari's way of "giving back," she spends 10 days a year in Nashville, TN teaching young girls about government and empowerment at the American Legion Auxiliary's Volunteer Girls State.

Gerri Baum

Gerri Baum

Gerri is a seasoned marketing and communications professional. Her career spans from the motion picture industry to the non-profit arena. An authority in social media, Gerri has immersed herself in today’s new age of communications. She creates and manages the implementation of customized strategies for clients that help them to harness the power of social media platforms. She also plays piano and guitar, and enjoys spending time with her daughter Mira, whom she adopted as an infant from China.

Tia Kemp

Tia Kemp

Tia excels working in a variety of disciplines and with diverse personalities, bringing a personable professionalism to her client relationships. She earned her M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College. Tia has worked in marketing, event planning and corporate communications for medical device, sports and technology industries. She is currently the Social Media Marketing Manager for Leica Sport Optics, and also contributes her creativity to Sociality Squared’s blog and marketing efforts.

Michelle Seekamp

Michelle Seekamp

Michelle has an arts background with experience in marketing and brand management for non-profit arts organizations. She has worked heading up community management, events, and producing online content for the photography industry. Michelle studied interior design, event planning, and online color story creation at FIT, and with some of the biggest names in design blogging. She is focusing her creativity on Pinterest and uses her personal design experience to help Sociality Squared’s clients tell their visual story online.

Jackie Murphy

Jacqueline Murphy

Jacqueline Murphy is excited to be working with Sociality Squared as a Social Media Marketing Manager. Originally from a small town in Connecticut, Jacqueline traveled south to Baltimore where she attended Johns Hopkins and studied philosophy. Since then, she has worked at a number of non-profits and political organizations, where she's held leading roles in the development of digital strategy. In her free time she loves playing tennis, cheering on the Red Sox and Patriots, and traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Ben Hovaness

Ben Hovaness

Ben has been working in the digital marketing space for nearly five years, having managed a wide variety of projects for some of the world's biggest brands. As a project manager for Sociality Squared, he brings a lifelong interest in the tech space and a passion for analytical rigor to the team. Ben is skilled in translating existing client business processes into discrete project requirements, as well as internal process reengineering and analysis. In his free time he enjoys reading whatever is in his Instapaper queue and cooking gourmet dinners.

Rob Henry

Rob Henry

Rob specializes in custom high quality design for social media, print and web, including custom Facebook fan pages, logos and branding, web design, Wordpress and social media sites. In addition to contributing to Sociality Squared, he has his own social media design company, Soshables. Rob has a portfolio that includes work for appbistro, MCP actions, Pretty Presets for Lightroom, Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelets, Seed Technologies, Inc. and Jarrod Michael Studios. When Rob isn't in front of his computer, he's playing with his dog Noah, who's way cooler than your dog.

Kristy Beagle

Kristy Beagle

Kristy holds a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Xavier University. Her experience includes freelance work for Xavier’s PR department and managing the production insurance program for a leading consumer goods company. In that position, she interacted with advertising agencies to ensure some of the popular commercials you see on television were properly insured. Outside of work, you can find Kristy screaming wildly for her Musketeers, Reds and Bengals.

Megan Kellar

Megan Kellar

Megan Kellar is from Pigeon Forge, TN and is currently living in New York City, NY. She studied Mass Communications, with a focus on the Recording Industry, at Middle Tennessee State University. By day, Megan is a flight attendant at Delta airlines and by night is a social media maven. In her spare time she enjoys playing music and traveling. She is a cycling enthusiast and enjoys activities such as yoga, cooking, hiking and camping. She has a passion for social media and is excited to be a part of the Sociality Squared family.

Rene Padilla

Rene Padilla

Rene is originally from Baja, California. He studied in the graphic design program at Platt College in San Diego, where he currently resides. Rene creates custom designs for social media sites, and also contributes design work to CollisionSync, a leading provider of content management solutions in the automotive aftermarket. When Rene isn’t on stage performing with his San Diego-based rock band, Buffalo Picnic, he’s designing and coding for social platforms for Sociality Squared. There’s no Facebook glitch he can’t find a solution for!

Leslie Richin

Leslie Richin

Leslie Richin is a social media strategist and freelance writer living in New York City. She has a wide range of experience under her belt, including working as a freelance publicist and event planner for the tech, food, music, fashion and art communities. In addition to contributing to Sociality Squared, Leslie founded her own PR Company, Low Maintenance PR, in 2009. She is also an avid power walker, tech enthusiast, classic rock lover and foodie who starts every day with an iced soy chai and can’t live without her iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Averie Timm

Averie Timm

Averie Timm currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, but is originally from a small town in Indiana. She has spent the past few years working in social media at such companies as BlackBook Media, the Village Voice, and NYC Digital as part of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and now is excited to be part of the Sociality Squared family. When she's not writing or scanning her Twitter feed, she enjoys watching documentaries and hopes to someday film her own. She is embarrassed but also proud of how many Tumblrs she manages.


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